Red The Dragoness

100% Match | F | 20's | New York | 69 Miles Away

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About Me

Yo, what's up. My name is Red and I'm a weird person. I like to listen to weird music, take long walks on the beach, and drink alcohol excessively. I also like to eat food, and also drink soda. Thanks for clicking on my profile! If you want, you can send me a message and we can play Fortnite or maybe even Minecraft if you're down. I know I certainly am. Please don't match with me if you're a weirdo, I don't like weird people. I am not very smart, but I do know how to program in HTML and that's cool, I mean like, I made this website. I also like to smoke the wacky weed, which is pretty wacky. Memes are my life, I live, breath, eat, and sleep for memes.

My Life Goals

I want to obtain tacos at some point in the future. I also want to go to Canada again, because Canada is cool. I also like helicopters and I kinda want to ride in a helicopter at some point.

My Favorite Food

Plain white bread