Why does compressed audio sound so horrible?
June xx, 2021 - We've all heard that horrible peaking sound that digital audio sometimes gets when it's poorly compressed. Why does it sound like that? I offer comparisons and take you through the technical details behind audio compression.

What is Pride?
June xx, 2021 - June is LGBTQ+ Pride month. What does that mean, and why do we have it?

Software Defined Radio
June xx, 2021 - You can listen to most of the VHF and UHF radio spectrum for less than $30. Here's how that works and how to get started.

Satellite Communication for Cheap!
June xx, 2021 - Pull images from weather satellites, talk to the international space station, and more. Mini-projects for ultra-low-cost satellite exploration and communication.

Talking to Astronauts
June xx, 2021 - My unsuccessful attempts to contact the astronauts aboard the international space station.

My gear
May 25, 2021 - I carry around a lot of pretty cool stuff according to a lot of people. I decided to document it all for some reason, since I often get a lot of questions about some of the stuff I have.